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Rei was struck with shock, recognizing the cyclist as his childhood friend, [First]. As you were eyeing him curiously you realized how much he had grown since you last saw him. Not knowing what you should say you bent down to reach for your fallen bicycle and lifted it up. "I'm sorry I ran into you like that, I'm late for school you see" you said, smiling sheepishly, embarrassed of the whole accident. Rei snapped out of his oblivious state and finally took a look at your more matured frame. "That's alright, though I need to get going. I'm running late too" he said, slightly reddened, as he made a realization in his head that you had grown.

"Ah, which school do you go to now, Rekk-, I mean Rei?" your hesitated correction of his past nickname didn't go unheard. Rei raised his right brow in confusion, thinking that maybe old habits die hard after all.

That thought came to an end when you got on your bicycle, taking Reis silence as a rejection to answering your question. As you were setting your right foot onto one of the paddles Rei sighed. He had glanced at his wrist watch, noticing he would be late no matter how hard he tried. "Iwatobi. I go to Iwatobis High School" Rei said hesitantly as he started to jog to make his way to school.

"Hey! Wait up!" you stuttered out as you kicked the paddle to catch up with Rei. You caught up with him easily and was now slowing down to ride your bike at the same speed as Rei was jogging. "So, which school are you transferring to [First]?" Rei asked noticing you had followed him. "Uhh-" you looked to the side hesitantly.

You had parted in a awkward manner back in the days, but now it felt like nothing had happened. You were left wondering whether he should know, not knowing how he felt about you returning back to Japan.

Rei glanced at you in your silence, only running steps and tire noises could be heard at that moment. "I-Iwatobis High School" you muttered silently, but loud enough for Rei to hear.

Rei slowed down, almost coming to a stop, only to turn to you with a shocked face. You struggled as you pressed you handle for breaks. Then he suddenly took off, running as if it was a 100 meter sprint. "Woah!!" Your bike shook from the gust of wind that was born from the sudden acceleration. "What's up with him?" you thought. Now determined to say what you had longed to speak out to this blue haired fool for a long time.

That you were sorry.

--------------------[Time skip provided by helmets, wear them when riding bikes!]---------------------------

After changing on his school uniform, Rei hung his rucksack on his right shoulder. Checking that his uniform looked sharp, his mind drifted to the most random chance occurrence that happened earlier. "How is this even possible? For her to bump into me like that and then she says she's transferring to the school I go to? That is basically one in a million chance of that would happening. Makes you sort of believe in fate, i guess." Rei walked into his classroom in thought eyes directed to the floor, going through similar thoughts of fate and you.

Rei entered his home classroom, raised his eyes to take a glance around the class and proceeded to walk to his seat.
"Hey hey, did you hear? About the new student??" "Oh the transfer student? I did!" Rei heard a couple of bubbly girls gossip and sighed. "It would be hilarious if she happened to transfer to my class too. What would be the chances?" Rei sat down on his seat, placing his rucksack on the handle on the side of his desk. "Is it a boy or a girl, do you know??" "A girl. Apparently she has lived in [Country] for a while and is now moving back to Japan!" "Wow, how did you know?!" "Ehehehee, I happened to read an article about her, she is a really good swimmer you see, she made it to the nationals from her school in [Country]!" "I didn't know you're that into swimming" Their gossiping goes on. Rei loses interest quickly and takes out his books for his first class, Japanese literature. 


The bell rings to announce that the class is about to start and as if on queue the homeroom teacher walks in and goes to their stand, clearing their voice. "Good morning class. I have great news to start off the day!"
"Oh no" Rei thought, trying to get a glimpse of the slightly opened door to see if you were there. "We have a transfer student joining to our class today!" he announced in a chipper voice. Rei let out a mixture between a sigh and a small giggle to make fun of his observation earlier. "How fitting" Rei glanced at the door that opened as you slid it open more and entered the class. "Hello everyone! I'm [Last] [First], I just returned to Japan from [Country]. I hope we will get along well!" A couple guys we're oogling over you, as if they hadn't seen a female ever before in their miserable lives. Rei noticed this and readjusted his glasses as his eyebrows furrowed. "There is a seat open next to Takahara in the third row, you can sit down there" the teacher said with a still chipper toned voice. "Alright, thank you Sir" you replied politely, wanting to make a good impression as you left to take your seat.

On your way to the seat you saw Rei. Your heart jumped to your throat from surprise but swallowed it down quickly. You noted that he was sitting on the next row a bit further down the line than you were. "Ahhh. This is going to be awkward!" You thought nervously, finding yourself thinking that you were being stared at. That you were. Not only the guy, Takahara that you sat next to, who was one of the guys oogling over you, but Rei also had his eye on you. "Uh, I'm Takahara. Nice to meet you." You snapped your head to his direction, surprised that he introduced himself. "A-ah. I think you already know my name. I hope we get along Takahara-san." You smiled awkwardly. It had been a while since you talked Japanese and it still felt weird talking it after years of [Language]. "Yeah, me too!" Takahara said gleefully, obviously happy that you had spoken to him. Rei could hear other guys from the class moan about how lucky Takahara was to land a spot next to you. Rei sighed and stole a glance of the back of your head. "What's so special about her for them to swoon over her like that? She seems like an ordinary looking girl to me at least."

"Ah, one more thing" the teacher spoke up. "Since you're familiar with [Last]-san already Takahara-kun, why don't you show her around the school?" the teacher smiled. "S-Sure!" Takahara replied with a hint of nervousness. Reis eyebrows furrowed once again in frustration.


After the literature class was over Rei got ready to move on to the next lesson in a different class. You we're however confused about the previous lesson, furrowing over the notes you had written down. You didn't understand half of the things you had written down. "Uhh, [Last]-san. If you have any troubles you can always ask me." Takahara said with a friendly, yet slightly nervous smile. You looked up at him in appreciation. "T-Thank you. I'm having a bit of a problem with Japanese literature..." you said sheepishly. "Oh, which part?" Takahara leaned in to see your notes as you showed which parts you had trouble with and continuing to help you.

Unknown to you, one blue haired fool was watching you from their seat, growing impatient seeing you so close to Takahara. "Ehhh! Takaharas being all close with her!!" "Eeeh, how lucky~! I wish it was me instead!" "So annoying, I wish I had a seat open next to me!" Rei listened to the boys complain and he finally opened his mouth. "If you're so jealous why don't you go and talk to her? She's right there!" Rei spat out, only to realize that he had been stupid the same way these guys were. He just needed to go up to you and talk instead of sitting and watching from afar. After realizing this he got up, took a deep breath and headed to your direction, his eyes locked on to the back of your head. The guys from before were baffled after hearing what Rei had to say and were now staring him down. Wanting to see what was going to happen.

"[First]?" You and Takahara glanced at Rei who had walked beside you two. You were surprised that someone used your first name, but after realizing it was Rei you calmed down. "I had completely forgotten he was in the same class. How careless of me." you thought while looking up at him. "Yes? What is it Rei?" Takahara and the other guys were stunned. "You two know each other?! They talk to eachother without any honorifics?! Just how close are they?!" is what was going through their heads at the time.

"We need to talk"
Welp, I finally got this done Panda Emoji-06 (Nap) [V1]

I hope you guys like it! The Panda Eating a Cookie

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 -here-
Chapter 4
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